Dining / Orange Another Tasty Addtion To a Restaurant Family

New York Times Jan 21, 2007

VERY GOOD ***  … ‘Coromandel is a pretty, contemporary place with white tablecloths, a reasonably priced wine list and a comfortable ambience that is due in no small measure to the classy, generous service.’

– Stephanie Lyness

South Asians Spice Up Area Business Scene

New Haven Register March 09, 2007

‘Coromandel is a cut above and offers intoxicating cuisine from a land where colors dance on the palate.’

– Todd Lyon
‘A restaurant like Coromandel is the much needed corrective to pink-dyed, faux- Tandoori Chicken and what a corrective it is.’
– Freda Moon

Orange Town news

Orange Town News March 09, 2007  

… ‘If you are unsure of what you may like to try, ask the staff as they are very passionate and knowledgeable about the cuisine they serve and honestly want all the customers to leave having a great dining experience.’

– Paul Tarbox

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